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Dog Training and Teaching
The section of our business which Yolanda undertakes with a passion, backed by years of knowledge and expereince.
As a qualified trainer, Yolandas' history with dogs (and animal training in general) goes back more than 25 years. When Europe was discovering that a check chain could be thrown at a dog or even a bottle with stones (!!!) would achieve the desired results she was there but knew that it didn't feel right and there must be more. The domestic dog trainers in Europe progressed and learnt more and more about positive motivational training and other forms of training began to emerge and be utilised.

Yolanda is an accomplished trainer with experience in Obedience, Agility , Tracking, and RallyO' and Trick dog training.

All training is reward based and uses Learning Theory as a basis. Dogs often need to be taught how to learn and using positive training techniques there are different methods that might be used to achieve a prospective goal. This entails methods such as: Praise, Clicker, Lure and Reward, Positive motivation based management.

Dominance based methods (see below) are frowned upon and seen as a lesser method to train dogs. Sadly there is still a lot of it about. Training and teaching with positive motivations is the way to achieve great results with your dog. We, at Happy Dog, are kept up to date with monthly European trade magazines, regular seminars, ongoing reading via the web, blogs, forums and many good books and our Dog Walking Service keeps us in touch on a day to day basis with the diversity in all dogs, the language they speak, and how each individual dog doesnt have any interest in a heirarchial structure. Domestic dogs want nothing more than a non-confrontational existence, with a bit of fun and play thrown into the mix.

Training takes place in your home or at a other suitable location, depending on the training type required and the duration is 2 hrs (except for dog under 6mnths, as they tend to have a shorter attention span and training is thus shorter).

Training Prices
   1 hour     =  $  90.- *

* - finalprice may include a a fuel surcharge if home visit is outside city limits

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Dog Walking
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"I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not better off for it"

—Abraham Lincoln

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